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BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2

Sounds of the 90s

During attachment at the BBC as part of the Station Sound team, the opportunity was given to create branding for BBC Sounds of the 90s.

A total of 13 mini-mashups were created, each with their own flavour and mix of Music, jingles, TV show clips and themes, games, and sound effects that resonate with the era.

Can you identify all 106 elements?

To help you guess: ID 1 has 9. ID 2 has 9. ID 3 has 11. ID 4 has 9. ID 5 has 7. ID 6 has 10. ID 7 has 7. ID 8 has 6. ID 9 has 8. ID 10 has 8. ID 11 has 8. ID 12 has 8 and ID 13 has 6.

Totally radical dude.

Translation: they loved the work.

Oh my god I LOVE these. Thank you so much. They're all awesome.

Hannah Talbot, Sounds of the 90s Producer

"The work on these mini-mashups has really helped to capture the 90s era TO THE MAX. They sound super slick, and have us all trying to guess every single sample used. The show sounds all the more 90s for having them!

Tom Du Croz, Sounds of the 90s Producer

Just echoing what has been said about the amazing new imaging for SOT90s. I am editing the show now and they are BALLER.

Claire Solan, Sounds of the 90s Executive Producer

Tubular. You can check the mashups in action now.

Join Fearne for a nostalgia drenched celebration of the best Music and pop culture from the 90s - listen here!

Visualised and behind the scenes:


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I make noise, sometimes organised enough to be ‘music.’ Other times I call it sound design to look like I know what I’m doing.

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