Finally it’s here – the Adobe Audition version of our Free Pro Tools Template!

This is based on the same principles ported over to Adobe Audition.  It’s a simple template for you to download and start using to create amazing work – and it’s yours for free. It’s a great starting point for any work you may want to do, and we’ll use it for any of our tips and tricks tutorials.

What’s In it?

  • Voice Over Channels
  • SFX Channels
  • Music Bed Channels
  • A Master Channel
  • A Clean Channel

What’ll You Need?

  • Adobe Audition CC (2017)

That’s it. No fancy plug-in’s needed, we’ve built something using the bundled plug-ins. This is something really simple to get you started and learn!

Have a play around and see what you can make it do. We’d love to hear the work you create with it – and help you out personally if you want it – just get in touch. If you want to understand the template more, check out our other Free Courses.