Sometimes we get stuck. We find ourselves spending far too much time trying to come up with ideas, rather than realising them. There are two reasons for this.

One, getting stuck is a by product of the world in which we work. Additional responsibilities, more work, less time, say goodbye to creativity and exploration.

The second reason getting stuck can occur has to do with a limited view point. Experiencing things, trying things and questioning the norm can really help you identify amazing new creative potential in yourself. But that takes time, too.

That’s where I’m hoping this book will come in handy for you.

100 pages, 100 ideas. Tips, tricks, thoughts, angles, suggestions, concepts, sketches, outlines and possibilities which I hope will expand your paradigm and help give you a new way of looking at the world of Radio Imaging.

Many of these ideas I’ve tried and tested over my career in various stations around the world. For example, Idea 22 I employed during my time working for Radio Hauraki in New Zealand. Idea 47 was imperative during my run at Capital and Capital XTRA in the UK. Idea 74 is part of the work we do at IMGR.

Now, go let the ideas begin!